Kindle Kundalini

New book! Kindle Kundalini : Writing Kindle Books and Recording Audiobooks and Podcasts for Fun and Profit Okay, so the Picton publishing empire is more than a little tongue-in-cheek, like most of its books and podcasts, but with the information in this book, some creativity, graft and good fortune, this time next year you could […]

Astral Projects 3

Oh well, a post to plug “Song To The Siren”, maybe some of my other books from the last week should get some airtime too. The Astral Projects books are of respectable length and some are in paperback, they mix paranormal science and experiences I have had with a comedic set of bantering characters and […]

Song To The Siren

To celebrate the release of my latest book “Song To The Siren or “Hello Darkness, my old friend”” UK:- US:- here are some random coffee facts to whet your appetite. Although coffee may fill you up and suppress it, as you will see later… Coffee officially goes back at least to the 15th […]

Fatalism Attraction

I have recently been listening to the 60 hour long audiobook “Jerusalem” by legend Alan Moore of Watchmen and V for Vendetta fame, plus many moore. I am loving the afterlife theme, has a lot in common with my Astral Projects universe, one interesting recurring idea is that of predeterminism, a striking passage describes that […]