All My Kindle Books, Paperbacks, Podcasts and Audiobooks Released (So Far)

UK Amazon Author Page:- Amazon Author Page:- Carelessly collected and curated jokes by the good doctor, funnier than a T-Rex trying to put a hat on.Dr Pictons' Joke Book: Laughter is the Best MedicineUK:- Dr Picton's A to Z of the Weird and WonderfulUK:- encyclopaedic reference, at times humorous and touching, […]

My Big Toe

TOE stands for Theory of Everything and relates to a potent science, philosophy and metaphysics mixture expressed through a trilogy of books by nuclear physicist Tom Campbell, which I have read, but paraphrased much of this summary from a review on The Monroe Institute website, which is an even-handed one, but they do also run […]

Robert Monroe and Journeying Out of Your Body

This man is an icon, I have written many times of all the “Roberts” in Astral projection, leading to the hero of Astral Projects being called Rob, this Robert is right up there with the best. Although he was better known as Bob Monroe. And founded The Monroe Institute, still thriving today. He developed Hemi-Sync, […]

The Muse

Writers, artists and musicians say they are waiting for The Muse, or The Muse has inspired them, but what does it mean? Is it something real or just a phrase? I know my stories and ideas, and most of my jokes, love them or hate them, often arrive fully formed and just flow, with me […]

Forever Jung

So, the homework title for my Write Said Fred writing group, chosen by Simon, is “The Colour Red”. The Muse had instructed me to write about Jung. Jung wrote a secret book called “The Red Book” published long after his death. And invented the term synchronicity. Makes sense. Carl Gustav Jung. Most of the information […]

Deadtime Stories

So, which tourist guide to the afterlife is best? As you are about to discover, it can be a very dangerous place, even when you are already dead… The Egyptian Book of the Dead Also known as the Book of Coming Forth by Day. One classic scene in Spell 125 is where the scribe Hunefer’s […]

Think Yourself Happy

Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) was founded in 1955 by an American psychologist, Albert Ellis. It is one form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It has had a few mentions already in the pages of Astral Projects… so here is its own page! The cornerstone of REBT is stated by the Stoic philosopher, Epictetus: “People […]