Crossing the Jordan

In this case Jordan Peterson. Well, it’s not too often a new guru pops up. Tony Robbins assures us he isn’t one on Netflix, Eckhart Tolle seems to have been around for donkey’s years… There is currently quite a bit of buzz about this guy. Where better to start than him being interviewed on Russell […]

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Flat, Mate?

Or will Flat Earth Theory get you nowhere? (Geddit? Oh please yourselves). Surely the most despised of all conspiracy theories. Even David Icke has nothing on this one. As the White Queen said in Alice Through The Looking Glass:- “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”. I have been suggestible, […]

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Beefs With Veganism

So I had put the case for a vegan lifestyle earlier, but increasingly immersed in it, I found it to be like a religious belief system, reading as I was only vegan posts and watching vegan videos I became quite brainwashed into that reality tunnel, not wishing to encounter the other side of the story […]

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