Forever Jung

So, the homework title for my Write Said Fred writing group, chosen by Simon, is “The Colour Red”. The Muse had instructed me to write about Jung. Jung wrote a secret book called “The Red Book” published long after his death. And invented the term synchronicity. Makes sense. Carl Gustav Jung. Most of the information […]

Deadtime Stories

So, which tourist guide to the afterlife is best? As you are about to discover, it can be a very dangerous place, even when you are already dead… The Egyptian Book of the Dead Also known as the Book of Coming Forth by Day. One classic scene in Spell 125 is where the scribe Hunefer’s […]

Think Yourself Happy

Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) was founded in 1955 by an American psychologist, Albert Ellis. It is one form of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It has had a few mentions already in the pages of Astral Projects… so here is its own page! The cornerstone of REBT is stated by the Stoic philosopher, Epictetus: “People […]

Nobody’s Fool

Neo-advaita and non-duality- in a nutshell, this philosophy espouses that there is no such thing as separate individuals or exercising of choice. There is only Oneness arising as everything. Already reminding me of Seinfeld, the “show about nothing”. I begin this road to nowhere with the charmingly titled book “I Hope You Die Soon” by […]

The Map is not the Territory

The Map is not the Territory The catchphrase of Alfred Korzybski- he tried to turn our world’s thinking on its head with his book “Science and Sanity: An Introduction to Non-Aristotelian Systems and General Semantics”. Semantics. A thing people say when they lose an argument. “Well, that’s just semantics!” The above book was summarised and […]

Top Ten Bee Gees Songs Sung By Others

I often think of the remaining Bee Gee, you know, the Lion one, in his castle, but without his brothers, and it makes me sad. So I am beginning with two of their best songs with tenuously linked titles in tribute:- Also, this timeless clip of their ripping neckless chat show gnome Clive Anderson a […]