Dr. Picton’s Diet Dictionary – Vegan Remix

New today! Verily, verily, in the beginning I lost nine and a half stone on a Slow Carb Diet modelled on that of Tim Ferriss in his book “The 4-Hour Body”. My book, Slow Carb 2, tweaking that diet, with extras including testosterone boosting and vegan options is worth a look. But the weight loss […]

Astral Projects Audiobook

In response to almost non-existent popular demand! iTunes:- https://itunes.apple.com/gb/audiobook/astral-projects-unabridged/id1351552563 Audible.co.uk:- https://mobile.audible.co.uk/pd/Fiction/Astral-Projects-Audiobook/B079YDQ1LJ Audible.com:- https://mobile.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Astral-Projects-Audiobook/B079YBSY8Y Amazon.co.uk:- Amazon.com:- A loveable rogue with an eye for the ladies is launched into a world of out of body experiences under the watchful eye of a tetchy dwarf with help from an agoraphobic neighbour and a rapper and facing foes including […]

Vegan WeightWatchers

Oh WeightWatchers, you seduced me with an offer back away from Slimming World… And I have gone vegan again in the meantime, this time I mean it, regardless the weight is coming down but it makes it complex to combine the two, but good for the shard of conscience I have remaining. I have been […]


John Dee. Not to be confused with Eeyore-like comedian Jack Dee, for a time occupier of the “grumpy” seat on Shooting Stars, presumably the spiritual opposite of the “naughty” seat in the middle of the bottom row on Blankety Blank. I have been compared to Jack, and more recently to the Shooting Stars host Vic […]

Wham! Bam! Enneagram

Its precise origins are unknown , the geometric symbol itself brought back into the light by the mystic Gurdjieff via the esoteric Sarmoung Brotherhood. Gurdjieff is worthy of a blog post of his own, suffice to say many are still obsessed with the long since departed Armenian and his teachings, as he tried to rouse […]