Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Of course it is high time for another diet. I couldn’t seriously only eat during daylight, not with my job where they keep annoyingly getting me to do stuff, sorry Dr Panda, a week on slow carb then only gently nudged the scales downward, and involved too many nuts, then I saw the headline of […]

Top TV Comic Book Heroes and Heroines

Sadly I can honestly say I am highly qualified to comment on this, having watched them, however bad in some cases. In mitigation it is always whilst I use the treadmill. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow This is at times one of the funniest shows I have seen. This is just one bonkers example, improbably at […]

Interdimensional Travel on a Budget

Whether it is traversing the astral plane, or inner space by controlling your dreams, is it possible to do these things without becoming a Scientologist and working up the ranks, or having to shell out to study under a guru in an ashram? Well I have come up with a few money savers if you […]

How to Get My 2p Worth with the Two Picton’s Podcasts like Two Peas in a Pod

Did you know most of this blog can be found on Picton’s Podcast? Well, I used up all my Podomatic allowance, so now the latest episodes are to be found hosted on Soundcloud with a new Picton’s Podcast 2 gateway on iTunes:- But hey, look, it’s not ALL about me, always. Here are […]

Et in Circadia ego

For the amount of fast-ing I’ve been doing, the weight loss has certainly been slooow… Now I have to wonder if I have been doing it all wrong. From the Dinner Only Diet to the DIY Diet, to the recent black coffee fasting. The latter I even upgraded to water fasting after seeing this video:- […]

Life in the Fast Lane

So… my lofty aspirations in the last “Recovery” blog post have predictably fallen by the wayside, with all my other hopes and dreams, as the Russell Brand book message faded from my butterfly brain. Is anything left in the wreckage? The App Strides remains on my phone, now an iPhone X. One streak is weighing […]