The Empire Has No Clothes

I am a lover of chaos.

Just as well with my life. Not joking.

For example, chaos magick is my favourite magic. Although sex magik is cool too.

More on that in another post soon.

Why can’t people spell magic the same way anyway?

I blame the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Aleister Crowley.

Is that even how you spell chili or Aleister?

And how do you pronounce Crowley?

There is a lot of bad spelling going on.

Speaking of bad, exactly how bad is the Empire, by that I mean the ruling powers at the moment?

In the US Trump is a self-acclaimed pussy grabber, he can’t spell either.

He was entertaining, in spite of himself, as host of Celebrity Apprentice, but as a multiple bankrupt paying off a porn star and with rumours he was peed on by Russian prossies and is being blackmailed by Russia, who may have messed with the election that got him in, America, wtf?

Not only all that, he is nasty with it, to women, immigrants and Mexicans.

He always was a git to Miss Venezuela on Celebrity.

And yet half the country there all seem to ignore this and still love him.

Is he friends with North Korea and Putin or not?

China are probably bewildered by him.

Is he friends with China just so he can build Trump brothels in their country?

Is he only President for business reasons?

And yet he still seems better than Killary and Podesta, whatever the truth is about Pizzagate and a trail of alleged Clinton murders.

Alex Jones, not the Welsh lady from The One Show, has just been thrown off multiple platforms, the last straw seemingly being the idea of crisis actors at Sandy Hook, with his own legal team stating he shouldn’t be taken seriously, he was one of Trump’s main voices, I don’t even know who to not believe any more.

Here in the U.K. we have had BREXIT, with all the main players subsequently resigning, albeit in the case of ahem, alleged pig-face “loving” David Cameron at least with a jaunty tune, “no deal” now and further chaos on the table, an unelected PM Theresa May (or Terry May to those who insist she is a man) obviously clueless and/or being used, and even worse potential replacements such as creepy Rees-Mogg and Boris, now allowed to be openly offensive to minority women.

Don’t get me wrong, I loathe the EU and it’s alcoholic U.K. hating Juncker even more.

But does anyone have a Scooby what is actually occurring and who is pulling the strings? Soros?

That’s it, I am off to watch EastEnders.


2 thoughts on “The Empire Has No Clothes

  1. Sex Magik does work, but needs a solid under-pinning in Tantra first. All chaos and sex magik works on the principles of Quantum Physics – the collapse of Super Positions to a final known State.
    But, this is still low magik of petty self interest, rather than “Family Work” with the Divine “One”. If you really want powerful workings, study the research and work of the Monroe Institute in W. Virginia. Learning to do personal archeology, discovering your ‘DMN’ hindrances’ (see research into use of Psilocybin), and ‘entangling’ with the Divine “I Am” will allow you to be a helpful conduit for amazing power.

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