Flat, Mate?

Or will Flat Earth Theory get you nowhere? (Geddit? Oh please yourselves).

Surely the most despised of all conspiracy theories. Even David Icke has nothing on this one.

As the White Queen said in Alice Through The Looking Glass:-

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”.

I have been suggestible, gullible, believed in Christianity, you name it, but this is one as a knee jerk reaction against I had never begun to look into even for a second.

“Flat Earthers” is even a well known insult.

It started to come onto my radar recently through some articles on the site of one of my favourite conspiracy theorists, Tracy Twyman, who links the lyrics from some of my favourite bands of old to the concept:-



I am already a big fan of R.E.M., Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey and the associated film and songs, but never made those connections.

Then another article of Tracy’s made me aware of Eric Dubay, prominent and prolific Flat Earth researcher:-


There is even a podcast show series just about the Flat Earth:-


I also listened to a few podcasts featuring Eric, fascinating stuff, and then took a look at some of his websites:-



Which are full of links to books, videos and other resources as well as a forum.

Although growing, the number of Flat Earth believers are relatively small, but still tend to form factions within, often accusing each other of being shills, it would seem if even the incredible concept of a Flat Earth is believed there will be divisions as to whether it spreads out infinitely, is encased in a dome like in The Truman Show, or is bordered by Antarctica but with nothing knowable about what is beyond the ice.

There will also be conflicting theories as to who is behind spreading the idea of the Earth as a spinning globe and what the Sun, planets and stars then actually are, e.g. are they deities or “luminaries”.

Eric sees the likes of David Icke and Alex Jones as controlled opposition and has debated Joe Rogan as well as clashed with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

NASA and Space X are needless to say part of the deception.

Eric’s sites include his radical views on many subjects and there are plenty of intriguing YouTube videos on his channel.

Eric’s Flat Earth views are most thoroughly covered in this documentary:-

a shorter summary:-

and in his book “The Flat-Earth Conspiracy”


So let’s take a look…

The book begins with stating we have been brainwashed for 500 years with the idea Earth is a spinning globe and that everything is moving around a Universe at dizzying speeds but without us feeling any motion. Gravity is a false concept created by Newton and there was no Big Bang.

The explanations for the Sun and Moon appearing the same size and never being able to see the dark side of the Moon are also fake.

A common theme is that all the alleged astronauts and those working with them are known to be Freemasons, who are behind all of this, going back to their brothers Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, and Newton.

All of the pictures provided by NASA are also faked.

In fact, the Earth is a flat plane, stationary and the centre of the Universe.

There is not a change in relative position of the stars that would be expected if the Earth orbited the Sun.

Firing a cannon vertically leads to the cannonball falling far too close than if the Earth were spinning, and fall the same distance if fired North, South, East or West.

If the Earth were spinning, helicopters and hot air balloonists should be able to hover straight up and wait for their planned destination below to rotate to them.

Gravity is supposedly powerful enough to drag the Earth’s atmosphere along, but effortlessly overcome by bugs, birds and clouds moving in all sorts of directions within that atmosphere.

The surface of water is naturally always level. The waters of the Earth would not stay on the surface of a spinning globe.

Many rivers would also have to flow uphill in parts to fit that model.

The horizon always remains flat and rises with the eye level of the observer, rather than sink and dip at the edges if the Earth were a globe.

Hot air balloonists have often expressed surprise that the Earth below seems concave rather than convex.

Landmarks and lighthouse lights can be seen from farther away than should be possible.

Canals and railways can always be created horizontally, and not having to account for a curvature.

Triangulation used at sea is plane.

In the Flat-Earth model, the North Pole is in the centre, Polaris fixed directly above and Antarctica an ice rim around the edges. A secretive area, protected by multinational treaties…

Degrees of longitude expand going further South.

Antarctica is far colder and more barren than the Arctic.

The days in New Zealand are shorter than in England, even through England is far further North than New Zealand is South.

In the Flat-Earth model these things are explainable by the North being central and South peripheral.

The Midnight Sun can be seen for three days straight in the North as low as the 65 parallel.

In the South, in contrast, it completely disappears for months.

Heliocentrists need tilts and wobbles to try to rationalise such things.

Polaris being fixed above the North Pole, and also visible in the Southern “Hemisphere” is evidence against the Earth being a globe. The same goes for many constellations.

The cold light of the Moon is produced by it and has different qualities to that from the Sun, so is not the reflection of it, and if it were a sphere it would not reflect from its whole surface. The Moon is sometimes transparent and heavenly bodies can be seen passing behind it.

The stars rotate around the fixed point of Polaris whilst the planets meander in their own courses and are called “wandering stars” by Flat Earthers.

Michelson, Morley, Airy, Gale, Kantor, Nordmeyer and Sagnac have all performed experiments demonstrating the stars rotate around the Earth.

NASA whistleblowers have claimed to have photoshopped images for them to support the heliocentric model, whilst admitting the geocentric is correct.

By putting forward his theory of relativity all Einstein achieved was only leaving both heliocentric and geocentric options open, as it would be impossible to say which was moving relative to the other.

Eclipses have been equally accurately predicted by either system. And have also occurred many times with both the Sun and Moon being visible over the horizon, which contradicts the heliocentric theory.

The motion of the Earth cannot be proven.

A lot of Einstein’s theories depend on the velocity of light being constant, this is now known not to be the case. And why would it be?

No wonder he sticks his tongue out at you.

The idea of gravity is an unprovable theory needed to hold together heliocentricity.

Elliptical “orbits” and the ease of organisms and even body parts moving against it give grounds to be dubious.

Neither do we feel fifteen pounds of atmosphere pressing on every square inch of our bodies.

If the Moon is so small it’s gravity should not be able to affect tides, or so variably, of the oceans of the larger Earth, and yet it doesn’t affect smaller bodies of water such as lakes.

No fly zones above the North Pole and Antarctica are imposed by the U.N. which has as its flag symbol the Flat Earth!

Lower parts of objects disappearing first as they reach the horizon can be neutralised by viewing then through a good telescope.

Foucault’s Pendulum can be used to prove a Flat rather than globe Earth by the fact it has to be started swinging and it’s plane of vibration is observed to change.

Also the water in sinks and toilets in the same household can often be seen to spin in opposite directions, it is not a North/South hemisphere thing.

Likewise the directions storms spin in both is inconsistent.

The high number of Freemasons putting forward the original heliocentric theories as science and now as high ranking members of NASA and the astronauts themselves has aroused suspicion.

But then Freemasons do like a bit of Sun worship. Like the Druids. And the parody of it that is Christianity.

NASA’s logo can be seen as a giant red forked serpent’s tongue overlaying the starry heavens.

And I guess the Greek Sun god was called Apollo.

The Flat Earth logo of the UN is divided into 33 sections. Freemasony!

12 men apparently landed on the feminine Moon.

Apollo 13 exploded at 13:13 on 13th April.

A lot of astronauts have died in mysterious circumstances.

Flat Earth theory means of course the moon landings are faked, as are all NASA photos. That’s a whole other conspiracy, but there is plenty of speculation and howlers seen in the alleged photos and footage.

Apparently all the originals are lost (!)

Bart Sibrel, documentary maker, was sent some evidence of faking through a blunder, and then went on to ask astronauts to swear on the Bible that had been to the Moon.

The responses included threats, kicks and Buzz Aldrin actually punching him in the face. Although he was being kinda annoying.

Mars landings have been similarly faked.

Eric goes on to disbelieve the Big Bang and theory of evolution, which Freemasons are again seen key as to spreading.

The theories are all unproven yet bluffed by the establishment as being beyond doubt.

But a great amount of fakery has been uncovered along the way, including the tenuous claims regarding apemen.

Another juicy related claim is then that dinosaurs never existed, through throwing doubt on the speculations based on skimpy alleged finds.

Tip, folks. Don’t believe things you can’t see for yourself because a person in a white coat with a title tells you so.

I am biased though, as I have never believed the theory of evolution. I am not a Christian, mind, but agnostic, but evolution doesn’t bridge the gaps for me, even with the forged evidence. Where did we come from? How should I know? But then, let’s be honest, how does anyone. Really.

Challenge everything. But be prepared for a change of career in some fields.

Likewise Eric by no means buys into the tall tales of the Bible, but prefers some of them to the belief system loudly blasted at us by the corrupt establishment today.

A literal Bible believer would find Flat Earth theory more consistent with the Bible that a “globalist” one.

This should all be good news to Australians, they are not Down Under or walking around upside down after all.

So we might not know who the Intelligent Designer(s) is/are. Or what is beyond the ice wall of the Antarctic.

But perhaps life has meaning after all, and we are not utterly insignificant accidents resulting from an explosion.

The Earth is a Plane, not a Planet.

Why such a taboo?

Eric has other articles on his site describing nuclear energy and nuclear weapons as a hoax, on Atlantis, the afterlife, consciousness, the New World Order, numerology, psi science, secret societies, symbolism, veganism (oops), yoga and more.

A number of celebrities particularly in rap music and American sport have come out to support Flat Earth ideas.

Another interesting Flat Earther is whoever is Crrow777.


His most famous discovery with his trusty telescope was the now famous Lunar Wave footage (first filmed September 26th, 2012).

His conclusion is that the Moon is a hologram.

Neatly back to Tracey Twyman again:-

Is the Gate of the Souls of Men opening up every vernal equinox…

Oh. Already covered that years ago in the “Bottling It” chapter of Astral Projects…

US:- http://a.co/hWaZE3c

UK:- http://amzn.eu/0Etu59K



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