My Big Toe

TOE stands for Theory of Everything and relates to a potent science, philosophy and metaphysics mixture expressed through a trilogy of books by nuclear physicist Tom Campbell, which I have read, but paraphrased much of this summary from a review on The Monroe Institute website, which is an even-handed one, but they do also run a course on the subject.

Tom states “you are an individuated portion of a larger fractal pattern that constitutes All That Is within a digital virtual reality based upon evolving consciousness. . . .”

Boffins like Nick Bostrom and billionaires like Elon Musk are convinced we are living in a such simulation. I need the cheat codes!

As a student he learned Transcendental Meditation, developed the ability to read auras and to live in physical and non-physical reality at the same time.

He helped Robert Monroe to set up his lab, and worked as a trainer in the early OOBE courses.

He states the One Source or Absolute Unbounded Oneness (AUO) is “the fundamental [digital] energy that is the media of reality.” Evolution, or “bootstrapping,” moves toward greater “profitability” by increasing consciousness and decreasing entropy.

“Make me one with everything”.
“Hey, where’s my change?”
“Change must come from within”

The fundamental field is nonphysical, consists of consciousness, transcends and encompasses space-time, and is digital.

When AUO realizes that it can change itself in the direction of greater awareness, evolution takes over and produces a series of fractals and evolves Absolute Unbounded Manifold (AUM), which is “aware, active, purposeful” and constitutes a “brilliant love consciousness.”

The Holographic Universe is a good book to complement this.

From here, evolution leads to the Even Bigger Computer, The Big Computer (TBC), multiple nonphysical-matter realities (NPMR), a subset called NPMR, Our System, physical-matter reality (PMR, where space-time exists with its various rules such as the speed of light), the Earth, human beings, computers, and (probably someday) computers designed and created by computers.

In other words, these stages of consciousness development are “stacked simultaneous virtual realities each in their own dimension.” Homologies abound (AUM is to us as we are to computers, etc.).

The purpose of evolution in this fractal system is the development of consciousness. AUM evolved us to enhance the quality of its consciousness, and we come to PMR to evolve our own.

To that end, we must engage our free will to move us away from lower-energy-consciousness states (ignorance, fear, ego) toward higher-energy-consciousness states (knowledge, wisdom, love).

PMR is a great place for humans to achieve this kind of spiritual growth because choices result in feedback/consequences.

Meanwhile, our oversouls stay in NPMR, provide guidance, and record every action, thought, and emotion (think life review). In addition, the digital nature of consciousness enables our minds to travel between dimensions, investigate alternative pasts and futures in TBC, communicate instantaneously on the Reality Wide Web (RWW), and manifest a variety of other psi phenomena.

The “psi uncertainty principle,” however, makes psychic experiences hard to validate from a scientific standpoint because it “masks the causal mechanics and denies the efficacy and perfect repeatability of psi effects.” As a result, the psi uncertainty principle maintains PMR’s “growth-optimizing balance.”

PMR has a CEO whom Campbell dubs The Big Cheese, there are guides who help us and “negative beings that can lead us to ruin,” and human beings “are created in AUM’s image”.

A few contradictions are pointed out, but what do you expect, is Tom a TOE puree-ist?

There is a good PowerPoint summary of the Theory’s physics and Virtual Reality here:-

The double slit experiment is frequently mentioned, which demonstrates mysterious wave-particle duality, and the effect of the conscious observer.

The best place otherwise to learn the Theory and hear Tom’s answers to questions are the many videos available on YouTube.

Some final Campbell quotes:-

“If it is not your truth, based on your experience, then don’t believe it — Remain skeptical and open minded. Whether it is true or not is the wrong question.”

“In short, Believe Nothing, Explore Everything, Know what you Know. Know More.”

“Absolutes in communication are reflections of ego.”

The My Big Toe trilogy ends with “At the core, you are consciousness: you have access to all the answers—go find them for yourself and they will make you whole.”

Toe-tally awesome.


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