Ultimate Testosterone Boosting Smoothie

Let’s put the most of the foods listed in Ramping Up Testosterone:-

UK:- http://amzn.eu/iH3oaIN

US:- http://a.co/izusu5j

into a smoothie! Ideal for the Tim Ferriss 30g of protein within 30 minutes of awakening rule in The 4-Hour Body or pre-weight training.

I have gone from no-whey to yes-whey as this is about boosting testosterone, not weight loss per se.

First you need a blender. Mine is a cheap but effective Breville one available on special offer all over the place in the UK at the moment:-

Here is this week’s protein powder of choice, with lots of extra goodies such as creatine, glutamine, calcium HMB and zinc. The banana taste is stronnng! But I like it. 2 scoops is 30g protein.

A little coconut milk as a base, perhaps 300ml, but exact volume not crucial. Less carby than your normal milk. Suppose you could use water instead, and ice chunks with this blender.

More coconut goodness for those monounsaturates, a generous spoon:-

More oily magic from vitamin K2 (Factor X) rich Kerrygold (from Irish grass-fed cows, incredibly banned in some US states!)

A dash of testosterone boosting pomegranate juice:-

Three Brazil nuts for their radioactivity and resulting superpowers and selenium:-

Let’s go totally nuts with some almond butter:-

And don’t forget the honey (for boron), Hun:-

I would put grass fed beef and Brussels sprouts in too, some would add chopped liver, but I think we are good, so let’s mix things up a bit…



Taste test- mmm mmm mmm… goood…



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