Top Ten Bee Gees Songs Sung By Others

I often think of the remaining Bee Gee, you know, the Lion one, in his castle, but without his brothers, and it makes me sad.

So I am beginning with two of their best songs with tenuously linked titles in tribute:-

Also, this timeless clip of their ripping neckless chat show gnome Clive Anderson a new one after one “Tosseur” crack too many:-

Now onto the top ten Bee Gees tracks covered by other artists (I have not included Frankie Valli due to the curse of Grease):-

(1) Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers- Islands In The Stream
Was later a number one in the U.K. For the characters Bryn and Vanessa from Gavin and Stacey

(2) Dionne Warwick- Heartbreaker

(3) Celine Dion- Immortality

(4) Diana Ross- Chain Reaction

(5) Boogie Box High (George Michael)- Jive Talkin’

(6) Wyclef Jean- We Trying To Stay Alive

(7) Pras- Ghetto Superstar
Another Fugee! The Bee Gees sang this chorus later in a remastered version of the original song (Islands in the Stream).

(8) Boyzone- Words
It was the third Bee Gees cover to be a hit that year alone.

(9) Take That- How Deep Is Your Love?

(10) Steps- Tragedy. Yes, yes it was.


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