2017 – The Year Of No!

It’s New Years resolutions time, apart from rigid sticking to the 4 Hour Body Diet https://focus27.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/back-to-the-4-hour-body-diet/ well, so far so good today, a biggie rolled over from last year is for God’s sake, no more people pleasing! Seriously!

Seduced by the positive message first of the charming book:-

And then the funny film (Jim Carrey is a genius, although gross old lady teeth “oral” part, still mentally scarred):-

Saying yes, being flexible, trying to be all things to all people intuitively seems as if it must be right, and get the Universe cheering you on from your corner.

No. It totally ruins your life. Nobody cares.

You can with maximum empathy try to meet some people halfway, but always have it immediately p****d back in your face, they are hardwired to believe they are always right, maybe they can’t even help it.

So, it is not necessary to overreact and be gratuitously nasty, but why not be true to yourself, not make yourself nauseous by double-jointedly and spinelessly bending over backwards for parasitic ingrates, provide some quality input sparingly for those who truly need it, quit throwing pearls to swine and trying to reason with idiots, have some integrity, be able to look yourself in the mirror, be able to sleep at night and as the divine Mr M sang “In my life, why should I give valuable time/smile, to people who don’t care if I live or die/ would much rather kick in the eye?”.

Happy New Year!


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