Third Time Lucky- Winning Euromillions?

The One Command did prettty good for Method 2 ,

but didn’t win the jackpot, so onwards and upwards.

This time we will create and charge a sigil, Austin Osman Spare and chaos magick style.

The magickal phrase for this is:-

Duplicate letters are removed to give:-

These letters must then be incorporated into the sigil:-

Now to charge the sigil, you need to focus on it whilst entering an altered state, if you are not into the sex, drugs or rock and roll ways of doing this, staring at the sigil whilst becoming sleepy, so that you could see an impression of it when closing your eyes is also good.

You can then either dramatically destroy the sigil, e.g. if it is on paper or delete if it is a photo or graphic file, or do the oposite and leave it somewhere you will see it often or be aware of it. Many corporations’ logos are actually sigils which they try to keep in the public eye to energise.

Tomorrow’s Euromillions is worth a sweet £100 million, it’s game on!


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