The Last Of The In-Genie-ous Cereal Attempts To Win The Lottery

£149 million. The last attempt was a Cosmic Order, that must have got lost in the post:-

Oh, Blobby!

Saving the most elaborate manifestation for last…

The Cornflakes Box.

Why Kellogg’s? You have to read the last chapter of the first Astral Projects novel to find out.

Cut one side away, and cut the 1 into 49 squares. Well, it is £149 million.

Write these letters in the squares as shown, cut four circles from another side and cover those in aluminium foil, placing at the corners but not touching the letter cards:-

Why? To put four candles on, of course.

Fork handles…

Okay, fetch the genie. Put in the centre, you know, so it can watch:-

Light the candles. Ideally this is done after 10pm:-

Look into the flame of one for five minutes and think of your Euromillions entry.

Recite Psalm 23, “The Lord Is My Shepherd” aloud three times:-

Blow out the candles:-

Leave the scene for an hour as is. Then put the items away in a box, and your genie, well, wherever you usually do.

Time to buy the ticket!

What do you mean this blog is getting stranger?!

Previously on Astral Projects…

The lottery story so far:-


4 thoughts on “The Last Of The In-Genie-ous Cereal Attempts To Win The Lottery

    1. This crossed my mind, but the ritual was copied from an ancient source, and the original magus is rumoured to have died in prison due to a magical curse, so has been punished enough. The ritual is mainly training for the genie, the lottery win is just a bonus. In this case of £2.40, less than the ticket cost…


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