The Mandela Effect

Last week my youngest daughter and I drove past the local Texaco petrol station and embedded Co-op shop. Except now it was a Shell with a Spar. Overnight??

Or had we time travelled and returned to a close but not identical reality? You know, the type where Donald Trump could be a candidate for President…

Many people have similar experiences, where things they are sure were one way in the past are remembered differently by others or now generally portrayed differently in the media.

Sometimes whole groups of people “remember” things having been different. The name Mandela effect was coined as so many “remember” Nelson Mandela dying in jail, rather than being released and becoming a world statesman, to die only in 2013. Had they meanwhile slipped into a parallel universe within the multiverse?

Even some modern physicists accept the reality of the latter, thanks to quantum theory each decision we make may create an alternative universe where we made the opposite choice, sprouting off a few millimetres away or perhaps 90 degrees around the bend.

Other examples of the Mandela Effect include the Berenstain Bears being remembered as having been the Berenstein Bears:-

Queen having sung “We are the champions of the world” at the end of their iconic song, but that being no longer the case:-

The Monopoly Man having never actually had a monocle:-

Whether the Mona Lisa smiled:-

Changes in the Bible (but that’s nothing new), the positioning and size of continents and organs in the human body, C3PO having either a silver leg or two gold legs:-

Snow White contains the line “Magic Mirror on the wall” rather than “Mirror, mirror on the wall”

People even link this effect to CERN

and The Matrix (although Morpheus never said “What if I told you” in it)

Much is likely simply age-related amnesia mixed with nostalgia and finding old typos, and come up with hundreds of examples, disagreeing with each other and thus identifying themselves with the Berenstein or Berenstain realities and different timelines etc.

Where the mischievous Mandela Effect manipulators have messed up and left bits behind are called “residual effects”. Such fun!


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