Oh my Gods! Praying to win the Euromillions £136 million rollover- Lottery attempt method 5

Stop! Hammer time…

Yeah, you’ve got to pray, just to make it today, the great man said.

I know what for. £136 million. But Who to?

Let’s hedge our bets, and see which God, Goddess or Gods are best…

I have tried to choose their favourite numbers and songs!

(1) I am going to give Jehovah and Jesus a chance, for old time’s sake.

One ticket for the Bible Boys:-

The prayer- you have to ask God The Father in the name of Jesus Christ for that filthy lucre and believe you have received it (Mark 11:24).

I may be going to Hell now. Oh, I live in Essex, so already there.

(2) Ganesh

He can grant good fortune, if you treat him right. Banana chips, coconuts, flowers, incense, high maintenance!

Luckily (no pun intended) there is an App for that.


Ritual of puja done, as per App.

And here’s our elephant-headed friend’s ticket:-

(3) Jupiter. Aka Zeus.

He can give good fortune and money, according to the Romans, but must be approached at the right time of day or night, which you can check right here:-


His ticket, bought today (Thursday) on his day, the machine generated an extra entry too for no apparent reason- “Gremlins” the lady said, so Jupiter gets two goes, lucky God:-

(4) Grandstand finale- The Seven Lucky Gods


From left to right, The Magnificent Seven: Hotei, Jurōjin, Fukurokuju, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Daikokuten, Ebisu.

Their ticket:-

Come on Gods- you’ve got this!

The story so far:-







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