Method 2 – Let’s Win The National Lottery Jackpot

Stop Press! Three numbers correct in round one of Method 2! (About 100-1 against happening randomly)

Read Part One here:-

For this batch, not only switched methods, but numbers too.

Why not try the famous “Lost” numbers:-

Apart from Hurley’s win on the cult show, they won some cash for fans of the show too:-

So we are going with 4,8,15,16,23 and 42.

But how to make them come up?

Back to manifestation ideas page:-

We are going to use my take on a relatively low maintenance one, The One Command:-

Go into the theta state, e.g. through relaxation, breathing, binaural beats or your method of choice and state this One Command: “I don’t know how I’ve won the National Lottery Jackpot, I only know that I have, and I am fulfilled.”
Repeat at a strategic time, e.g. before each fresh draw.

Unless you have an EEG machine hooked up, and an assistant it may be difficult to know you are in theta, there are sound recordings you can listen to, e.g. free on Spotify, but I think it will be fine to lie somewhere quiet, relax, and be aware of your breathing before stating the command inside your head.

I have known the One Command to work in some impossible seeming situations, the wording is important, just insert the specific words of your request into the quoted phrase, I have often felt a power rush after setting off a request, which always feels like a good omen.

So, from this Tuesday’s draw, here we go again!


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