Picts & Poll Results

In alliterative mode I am putting Picts and Poll results together.
Behold, from the charm bracelet, natch, the Pictish Knot!

Yes, my ancestors, back through the Picts, through Pixies (don’t laugh, respeck) to… aliens?

The Picts rocked Scotland from ancient times, and seriously kicked the Romans’ butts. We made a whole legion disappear- fact! Legio IX Hispana – you aren’t getting over Hadrian’s Wall- you are vanished!

We had our own Pictish language, dabbled in Ogham, but now it is all double disc, Z-rod symbol, mirror and comb.

There was a Pictland or Pictavia. Founded Gwynedd in Wales. I say bring Pictland back.

Some say Pritani became Britanni, maybe, it’s ok UK, you can ride on the Pict coat-tails.

We painted ourselves blue, we had drums made with human skin. Warrior style, innit?

A few name checks in Conan The Barbarian and Rudyard Kipling, Discworld, Swallows and Amazons, Pink Floyd, Asterix and Obelix (who in reality Picts would open up a six pack of whoopass on. Truth)

and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Onto the Treasure- poll results…


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