How To Win The National Lottery ?

As a fan I am sure of

if you are anything like me, an open-minded cynic, you might wonder which (if any) actually work. All books and websites are chock-full of dazzling testimonials, but do any of us believe a single one or care unless it actuallly happens to us?


Manifestation experiment time!

The ultimate result is surely winning the lottery with a system (without having to buy every single ticket or clumsily stick numbers on them with superglue).

Almost all psychics and New Agey snake oil salespeople will say you can’t win the lottery, even with their help, because materialism is naughty, everyone else is trying at the same time and all cancelling each other out and other lameness, but stuff that!

I am putting my money where my mouth is and buying tickets for the UK National Lottery main Lotto game on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and trying each manifestation system until I win. I will spend the money unwisely, and you can join me too, presumably in the UK anyway, by manifesting the same winning numbers and using the technique of choice each time.

Sure, we will then have to share the jackpot, if we have all bought winning tickets, but I am a generous kinda guy, you can buy me a drink in business class on the way to Hawaii.

So let’s go- method one!

I have acquired a pic of some future winning lottery balls, don’t ask me how.

Printed out, it is on my fridge thusly:-

I shall take a peek at it each time I go to the fridge. Which on the Drastic Fantastic Band Diet:-

is not often, but enough.

Phase two of method one is either or both first thing in the morning or last thing at night to visualise with maximum use of senses and emotional feeling, a fun little movie in your head of the numbers coming up, and the new lifestyle winning would bring about. The feeling good bit is the key, both for its own sake, and the gravitational attracty manifestation purpose as seen here:-

Usually people only want things for the good feelings they will get anyway, so why not generate the good feelings in the meantime?

Yes, the exercise itself will attract bonus good things as well perhaps that jackpot! It’s win maybe win. Join me on this adventure!

Update – method 2 is here:-


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