Ten Top Feel Good Trailblazers and Treasures

Richard Bandler – NLP for overwhelming pleasure…


Robert Anton Wilson – set yourself free from dogma, guilt and shame and have funny fun!


Abraham Hicks – perhaps the ultimate feel good belief system, feeling good to magnetise even more feel good things into a hedonistic vortex…


Lynn Grabhorn – the wittiest writer on feeling good, steeped in Abraham teachings.


Neville – how to manifest and attract your realised dreams by feeling good about them, a true pioneer.


Lao-Tzu – old school, helping you find true peace of mind, chilled outedness and good thoughts from thousands of years ago.


Reinhold Niebuhr – the secret to life?


Law of Attraction – the invisible Law many of the above hook into


Jokes collection – you are bound to feel better if you dip into this treasure trove…


Comedians with a heart – this collection of people and clips will make you laugh.


Hey- just call me Dr. Feelgood…


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