Drastic Fantastic Richard Bandler Gander

Richard Bandler- let’s take a gander.

Flawed genius, self-confessed sociopath and co-creator of the mysterious art and science of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), he says via hallucinations, aspects of NLP are threaded throughout this blog,
e.g. https://focus27.wordpress.com/2016/03/04/sensational-what-kind-of-thinker-are-you/

Influenced in his early days by Gestalt therapy, hypnotherapist Milton Erikson, Virginia Satir and Moshe Feldenkrais and in more recent times he has collaborated with Paul McKenna and Owen Fitzpatrick.

The epitome of flamboyance, he may have had a bit of a coke habit and threatened folks with Mafia hitmen, was found not guilty of murder in 1988, and branched out into Design Human Engineering (DHE) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).

He is now almost respectable, and the CIA, military intelligence and IBM have taken interest in his work.

He has released some incredible books, such as “The Structure of Magic” and “The Adventures of Anybody”, a nested loop story that puts you into a trance as you read it, videos and audios, looking at ways to model others and be programmed like a computer to succeed in areas such as charisma enhancement, which he has plenty of, and just feeling really good.

He is the master of outrageous anecdotes, whether from his childhood, such as elaborately electrocuting his step-father, psychologist/therapist days (bringing a full size crucifix to a patient deluded they were Jesus and leading them away to be crucified, which was very effective) or trips threatening gurus to extract their secrets.

He would recommend simply telling voices in your head to “shut the fuck up”, and not getting bogged down in and trying to process past trauma, his instant phobia and compulsion cures are stuff of legend.

NLP is basically hypnotising people whilst they are awake (relatively) and is full of tricks and techniques such as anchoring, submodality applications, the Swish Pattern, pacing, mirroring, reframing, nesting loops and timelines and has predictably become popular in sales and seduction industries, and even spawned varieties such as dark NLP.

Let’s look at some of his best bits!


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