Drastic Fantastic Band Diet

Yes, it is a pun on Gastric Band, I had forgotten KT Tunstall had also done an album called this!

I have dabbled in LHCF, my own 3:4 Dinner Only Diet and Weight Watchers recently. Goldfish brain strikes again!

I am continuing to FitBit and capture a few monsters courtesy of Pokemon Go, exercise-wise, maybe with a little WonderCoring, any arm exercise is tricky, apart from the physio ones, whilst my broken funny bone heals.

Now, to the Drastic Fantastic Band Diet.
Eat and drink anything you like, and be merry every day.
Hopefully tomorrow you won’t die.
But if you did, at least you would have had an awesome last meal, Death Row condemned man or woman style.
Maybe Death Row Diet would have been a better name.

Yes. Pick yourself up from the floor.
Only for a half hour time period once in that day.
Beginning from when the food first touches your lips.
So time your shopping, cooking, fast food collection and course selections in restaurants wisely.
Then STOP at that half an hour mark.

So, no missing your favourite foods and drinks.
Something to get you through the day.

Do try not to rupture your stomach, mind, as you may then need gastric surgery after all.
Or downing a bottle of spirits, the shock could kill you!

Who’s up for joining me on this crazy adventure…?


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