Thirteen Top Conspiracies Compiled

The Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project

The Philadelphia Experiment was not only an unspeakable incident that happened to me involving spreadable cheese, but also an alleged military experiment in 1943 when the U.S. Navy were trying to make the USS Eldridge invisible to radar, but led to it disappearing altogether, sailors being embedded in it and having mental breakdowns, it teleporting to Norfolk, Virginia and even travelling in time. There are two movies about this and numerous references in pop culture and science fiction.
Some time later at Camp Hero, Montauk, people are said to have recovered repressed memories about government and military experiments e.g. in time travel, teleportation and mind control. The link with the Philadelphia Experiment is a hole ripped in space-time linked to 1983. The base was destroyed by a Beast manifested by one of the Montauk Boys, using the Montauk Chair and the experiments ceased. Or did they?

The Roman Piso Theory

This states that there was a conspiracy by a rich Roman family, The Pisos, who themselves invented the New Testament, particularly the Gospels, as a means of social control. This dynasty is said to descend from Alexander The Great, and players included Cleopatra, Pythagoras, Flavius Josephus and Roman Emperor Titus. Well, what a lot of mischief was caused if that was the case!

Reptilian Shapeshifters and the Annunaki

Sitchin is the man famed for translating Sumerian writings to suggest we are but a genetically created slave race of gold miners for an alien race called the Annunaki. They may have originated from the Draco constellation, with two rival brothers Enki and Enlil the key players, with a bunch of them on their way back to our solar system on Niburu aka Planet X. Or were they behind the cash for gold craze a few years back where everyone was encouraged to send their trinkets in an envelope for a quick payout?
Bloodlines on Earth may go through folks such as Cain, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Emperor Charlemagne through to our wonderful politicians and Royals. It is tricky for them to retain the human frequency for long without shapeshifting to their true nature as Reptilians, blood sacrifices at vortex points are very helpful to them. Don’t try to tease them by making them say the word “kininigin”, ‘kay? David Icke can tell you all about them.

The Babalon Working

Naughty, naughty Aleister Crowley did a whole lot of magicks that may have opened a little portal for all these damn UFOs to sneak through. But even he did a face palm when L.Ron Hubbard, science fiction author and creator of Scientology and Jack Parsons, NASA rocket fuel genius attempted to create a Moonchild by the Babalon Working. Did it work? Was it the ginger Marjorie Cameron? Why must these sort of people keep trying to trigger the Apocalypse?

The 27 Club

Read all about it in Astral Projects right here:-


This theory states that Paul McCartney in fact died in the 60s and was replaced by a South American guy resembling him. Fake Paul= Faul. There are supposed to be clues in later Beatles lyrics and album covers, no doubt backmasking in songs too for full conspiracy kudos.

Bill Hicks is Alex Jones

Read all about it in Astral Projects here:-

Fomenko- We are actually living in 1500

The New Chronology suggests all ancient Egyptian, Greek and a Roman history all in fact happened in the Middle Ages and the timeline we use was forged by Roman Catholic clergy and humanists. There is much entertaining evidence.

Hollow Earth

Almost all cultures worldwide have believed that either the dead or other mysterious races live in all sorts of subterranean places, it is possibly why the Nazis were obsessed with Tibet to access Shamballa or Agharti and Antarctica looking for entrances. Other entrances have been speculated in Montreal, Paris and Staffordshire. Perhaps Bigfoot is hanging out with Elvis in Atlantis down there.

The Hardon Collider

Sorry! Hadron Collider. To many it is clear this must be a gateway to Hell being opened…

It’s daddy was shut down for a while, with sabotage suspected, but in fact some beer bottles had been left behind. Did drinking beer and littering save the Universe?

Time Travelling Celebs

Many see uncanny resemblance between today’s glitterati and Egyptian and medieval versions. So they must either be immortals or time travellers, it’s obvious really.

Crisis Actor Greenbergs

Dallas Goldbug aka Ed Chiarini is a proponent of this conspiracy mainly through YouTube, it is rather controversial given the extreme sensitivity of the events, but suggests some atrocities and massacres may be staged altogether to advance shadowy objectives, and that a group of crisis actors are often involved, with the same victims often seen at multiple disasters. A family of American actors called the Greenbergs are held to often be the main stars. He compares aspects of people’s ears to put forward the case the same people are popping up everywhere in different roles.

John Dee

The adviser and astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I became an alchemist and magician communicating with “angels” through their Enochian language with a crystal-gazer and slightly dodgy friend Edward Kelley. He was used as a spy by Elizabeth, and reading his biography gave Ian Fleming the inspiration for 007 and Casino Royale.

Which one is your favourite?


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