Sweet Sixteen Ways To Manifest All Those Things You Want

Neville Goddard


Nevillization is a thing. This spiritual teacher, whose books are now largely freely available would encourage you to identify your desired situation and to imagine seeing and feeling from it as done. All desired outcomes are already created, frozen, waiting for you to bring light into them, as the “sculptures of los’s halls”. It is all about generating the feeling. He sometimes uses religious terminology but his ideas transcend it.

Todd Acamesis


The American Journey of Truth Meetup guru, synchronicity walk pioneer and astral projector extraordinaire. Above link is to his own method of manifestation:-

Sigils – Austin Osman Spare


Linked these days to chaos magick, your desire is spelt out, vowels and duplicate letters removed and the remaining letters combined into a visual pattern which can be energised by yourself and others giving it attention and focus (e.g. as per some company logos) or by ritual or other naughtiness. Be careful not to go blind.

And then, with KEK, Pepe the Frog and Donald Trump there is hypersigilization:-


Cybernetic Transposition


The 4 parts of brain must work together.
The right brain – arrangement, rhythm, and sound.
The left brain – words and logic.
The midbrain – emotions.
The brainstem – physical stimulus and response.
Use all parts in a written idealized memory metastory, linked to your clear objective. Rate it out of 10 for desirability, edit the written account to optimise to 10.
The basic future achievement target should then be no harder than 5 out of 10 through your actions. Write down that objective, write a description of the scene created as being present. Rate its desirability, realism and difficulty, add “please make happen for highest good of all involved”.
Write out that objective scene 100 times. Note any resistance. Change any parts that cause uncomfortable feelings, get clear of them. Each day, read it through, reflect on how you feeling, write what you have done, mark out of 10 how close you are, at 10=congratulations, rewrite it if there is a major change in circumstance.

Cullinan method


This was the first book I read from the often amazing Finbarr Books, way back in my childhood. It is a simple matter of recording your positive affirmation/goal about yourself on tape (well I guess MP3 or equivalent maybe on your phone now) and playing it on a loop whilst you are relaxed, e.g in the alpha state. Good luck recording the suggestions if you have nosey flatmates! The wording would be e.g. “You are prolific in generating creative money making ideas” or some such, depending on your wishes.


You can buy prerecorded CDs or MP3s commercially (my favourites were by an extraordinary character called the Cosmic Master!) or make your own custom ones by visiting this page right here on Astral Projects:-


Abraham Hicks

Also here on Astral Projects, like attracts like, also basis of The Secret, keep the positive feelings flowing folks:-


Cosmic Ordering

Place your cosmic order for your needs below, as popularised by Noel Edmonds! (Well, you gotta love Swap Shop, shame about Mr Blobby…):-




What? Bit old school? Jesus, if he existed, may have said, if quoted correctly in the Bible, when you pray for something, believe you have already received it and it is yours. Worth a try.

Reality Transsurfing


Love this system. One fun idea in particular, is people who are addicted to drama are a bit like crazy swinging pendulums, so just chill and keep out of their way. 

Re manifesting, a “slide”, as it is called in Transurfing, can be materialized. And for that to happen, you only need to fulfill one basic condition: you have to systematically play the desired slide in your mind, over a lengthy enough period of time.
Ideally, it should be a picture, one in which your goal has been achieved and you feel fantastic.

Creative Visualisation


Relax and vividly picture your goal as having come to pass every day.
A good time of day to do such exercises as on this page makes use of LST, local sidereal time, the best range being 11.9-13.9 hours. There are Apps for this, to set an alarm etc. But it moves constantly so may be 3am sometimes!



I think Ernie Vega who created this is a great guy, a free version of the software is available if you ask. It is like a prayer machine, using technology to amplify your requests and wishes. I really do think it got my brother out of a coma and cured, when I run it I can feel a cool vortex being created in the room. Powerful and versatile, so many options and settings.

Advanced Win List


Fire up the App “Easy List”, tick your desire as completed then untick again each day, the desire worded in the form “Imagine, Desire, and Expect in Our Own Universe with our Higher Self and the Omnipotent Omniscient Divine One Being: (your desire as already fulfilled)”

Huna/ Pranic Energy


One method-stand at the window, feet apart. Think of pranic energy in the air, your low self will convert for it your high self to bring the goal. Slow deep breaths through the nose and mouth, hold your breath, conscious of the pranic energy. Exhale and relax. Repeat four times. Now sit in a chair and visualise yourself also sitting 6 ft opposite. See white light radiating up from your solar plexus, through the right side of your head, widening into a circle or ball, see your goal already accomplished within vividly.
Say “I command that (the goal) is now mine. It is done.”. Close your eyes, feel it is done, thank the high self.

Vision board/video


Make pictures of your realised goals and regularly look at them, e.g. a dream home or car. If you are techy, you could even make a video. I made one by splicing National Lottery clips to make it look as if my numbers would come up, after the first week the first four came up in order as in my video. Then I gave up, goldfish brain, who needs millions of pounds anyway? Sigh.

The One Command


Go into the theta state, e.g. through relaxation, breathing, binaural beats or your method of choice and state The One Command: “I don’t know how I’ve got (insert desire), I only know that I do now, and I am fulfilled.”

Well, all of that should get you started. Do you see some overlaps between techniques? Either there is something in it, or they are all quite, quite mad.
Feel free to send me a share of any Lottery winnings, I am not proud.


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