Pokémon Go

I thought Fit Bit was good, but since yesterday this crazy App has appeared here in the UK.

Admittedly people having been falling off cliffs and walking into traffic playing.

So it hooks into your phone and while you are walking around from time to time Pokémon monsters pop up which you then have to catch over a real world backdrop, which can be freaky, by throwing balls at them.

I have just got to trainer level 5 where I can enter virtual gyms dotted around my city, presumably to train the Pokemon, perhaps then they fight, not sure yet…

It is great though, as it really motivates you to go outside and walk around, pretty addictive, and gives historical and educational facts about places of interest as you pass, most of which I had never noticed before! Recommended- but be careful peeps!

Pokémon GO by Niantic, Inc.


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