Weight Watchers

So fickle, I know, but one broken funny bone and time off work, time for a change.

Jumped from the Meetup ship and made Write Said Fred a Facebook group, meetings continuing as usual…


Also heresy! Dropped 3:4 Dinner Only Diet, and back to Weight Watchers, in online and App form:-



They have changed to Smart Points since I was last a member, which take into account more protein as good and sugar as bad, the App has a thriving community, food barcode scanner and database etc, making the process simple, but self control of course needed. Fruit and vegetables are zero Smart Points.

Fitbit is popular on WW, my iPhone already measures the daily steps and some other data in the background, otherwise you can buy a physical Fitbit all over the place, so with the free Fitbit App various groups can be joined and friends added to compete, and very addictive it is too, over 21,000 steps so far today…



I’ll let you know how I get on, but what can I say, I have a goldfish brain!


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