Tribute to Lost Sweets

Remember these sweets from the past now no longer with us?

1. Pacers

Essentially minty Opal Fruits. Even Opal Fruits were renamed Starburst…

2. Milk Tray Bar

An actual chocolate bar made of a weird assortment of the favourite brand of chocolates of late night anniversary rememberers and black outfitted skiers.

3. Texan

Very chewy.

4. Fuse

So many ingredients all suspended in a solid chocolate bar.

5. Kit Kat Caramac

Caramacs already a teeny bit weird. But this combination somehow sublime.

6. Pyramint

An After Eight made 3D? Genius.

7. Spangles

A favourite reminiscence topic of aged stand up comedians and students in pubs. But pretty dire.

8. Treets

Like Minstrels with fillings.

9. Banjo

Coconut and roast nut varieties. Name is a mystery.

10. Cabana

An exotic mix of caramel, cherry and coconut.

Appreciate your favourite confectionary while you can! You just never know when it might disappear…


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