Comedians With A Heart (Who Are Still Funny)

1.Jim Carrey

Had a true spiritual awakening, already one of the funniest guys ever, a champion for autism, now an enlightened guru:-

And back to him being silly:-

And again:-

2. Russell Brand

Once famous merely for his prodigious number of conquests, being a junkie Captain Jack Sparrow, being sacked for naughty pranks and briefly marrying Katy Perry, Russell is now a fan of David Icke, would-be revolutionary and activist, he came into his own with awakening and then his enlightened YouTube series The Trews. He now has a #trewLit bookclub.

Spiritual awakening:-

Russell with Morrissey:-

3. Rufus Hound

From stand-up and starring in the West End to standing for the National Health Action Party, excellent rant on a radio comedy show:-

A little bit of Fight For This Love for charidee:-

Straight talkin’ on Xtra Factor:-

4. Eddie Izzard

An amazing 27 Marathons in 27 days for Sport Relief, Labour supporter and pro-European, he makes transgender cool and is still… funny, this clip reminds me of Diplomacy, a game I am endlessly destined to play, nice suit too:-

5. David Walliams

He has come a long way since Little Britain days to funniest Britain’s Got Talent judge, hugely successful children’s author and raising £1.5 million swimming the Channel for Sport Relief.

6. Peter Kay

Enormously successful at comedy, highlight for me being the satire Peter Kay’s Britain’s Got the Pop Factor… and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice he has raised vast amounts for Comic Relief and Children In Need with star-studded chart-topping masterpieces such as Is This The Way To Amarillo:-

7. Ricky Gervais

Despite his Office persona David Brent having mixed feelings about Red Nose Day, leading to the infamous Ostrich costume and Dance, and at times Ricky himself getting into trouble, Frankie Boyle style, for remarks against disabled people, he has partially redeemed himself with the sitcom Derek, lampooning religion and fighting animal cruelty and bigots vigorously on Twitter and elsewhere.

At his acerbic best:-

8. Frankie Boyle

Always a breath of fresh air against conventional idiocy, but often causing a sharp but guiltily enjoyable intake of breath. His Guardian columns tell it like it is, he has kept his inner darkness and not compromised, willing to support unfashionable causes.

Speaking of which, even Tramadol Nights episode one was okay in my opinion…

9. Bill Hicks

Already has his own page here on Astral Projects. Spoke out eloquently and wittily against the worst of society, advertising, organised religion, hypocrisy, worry, government, TV programming…

10. George Carlin

A role model for many of today’s comedians and visionary against the stupidity in religion, politics and well, people…


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