What’s Your Type?

Can people really be grouped by types of personality? Like star signs having certain common characteristics?

Carl Jung, who was an awesome Psychoanalyst believed so, and came up with some of what are still the most popular ideas, like the MBTI aka Myers and Briggs Type Indicator.

You can find out which of his types you are at this link for free, and then pop back here, okay?


What did you get? Did it resonate?

I am ESFP. For now…

But people have come up with systems of types for thousands of years.

Check out this very cool table comparing some!


Some dating experts have an intriguing system of eight types of ladies, their type determinined depending on where they fit across three dimensions of:-

Tester v Investor
Denier v Justifier
Idealist v Realist


I am sure you can find out more about it if you Google, should you have the inclination.
My favourite is… well, that would be telling.
Even an ESFP isn’t such a Chatty Cathy!



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