Is Exercise Essential For Weight Loss?

I lost all of my weight with no exercise, from my experience it is not necessary. Phases of doing a lot of walking did seem to speed things up. But too much exercise can make you hungry and overeat, or drink sugary energy drinks. There is such a regime as carb-loading, but it has to be done just right.

The way to a six-pack is mainly to burn off the fat covering those muscles. But a couple of exercises are also rumoured to be especially good, according to Tim Ferriss, one of the heroes of this Astral Projects blog:-

Myotatic Crunch

Cat Vomit

For abs, as I keep losing eBay auctions for Bosu balance balls, although a semi-inflated gym ball can substitute, I am going with my WonderCore, sit ups and arm exercises whilst watching Netflix.


Weights- good for upping the testosterone, perhaps not ideal for the ladies so much in that respect. Myself and punk son have a bench in the Crematorium Penthouse. Step two- to use it, apart from to dry clothes on.


Again there are some optimal moves, if you use the right “form”:-

Bench Press



I have now been to the gym a grand total of one time. I was briefly trapped under a barbell. I didn’t know the bar itself weighed 20kg!

I have also attended two HIIT classes, run by a tiny Spanish tyrant, I am in a lengthy hiatus after the only other man in the group was hospitalised last time. Awkward.

I am not sure about cardio for guys. Exercise bikes have an alarming numbing effect on a certain area I feel can’t be good. My home treadmill smoked for a week, before actually catching fire and being taken away by Russians for scrap. It seemed such a bargain on eBay too.

It appears walking for 20 minutes a day may be the sweet spot?

My 3:4 Dinner Only Diet Page


One thought on “Is Exercise Essential For Weight Loss?

  1. Losing weight is simple: you eat less than you use in day to day life.

    It can be difficult or uncomfortable to reduce eating below a certain level, in which case exercise is useful. Also, weightlifting is needed to gain muscle, not just burn fat.

    Cardio health and stamina are also improved by various exercise, which is mostly independent from fat loss.

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