Do UFOs and Aliens Exist?

Classic pub argument, after too many lemonades- If evolution were true, and there are infinite planets out there, wouldn’t there be infinite alien civilisations with the means and motives to visit here? But maybe there would be infinite ones also protecting us. Thinking about infinity is probably not helpful.

Or did we come from aliens, or at least were components of life seeded from elsewhere in space?

Proponents of exogenesis and panspermia would say so. Even those who believe in a six-day or otherwise special creation would point to an external or “alien” creator.

Accounts suggestive of aliens can be found throughout time and cultures, from the Hindu vimanas to mysterious paintings such as the Crucifixion in 1350:-

to more modern times, where the Dogon in Mali had within their stories of the alien Nommo information about Sirius-B which should have been inaccessible, like the Sumerians’ knowledge of Pluto.

Zecharia Sitchin translated Sumerian documents to suggest the Anunnaki alien race genetically modelled us to mine gold for them as slaves. Various groups maintain they are hanging out on Niburu/Planet X or in a hollow Earth and may nip back, perhaps via the Draco constellation.

Perhaps the “Cash For Gold” advertising frenzy a few years back was a low key testing of the water.


David Icke took up some of the Anunnaki ideas, infamously added a bit of Reptilian shape shifting and gave us a “They Live” scenario of cold-blooded Illuminati ruling over us. As if that could happen!

Pleadians, Nordics, The Galactic Federation are all purported by their supporters to be trying to help us, there is a substantial overlap with the New Age such as the Raelians and Urantia Book.

The Heaven’s Gate cult was a really bad example.

A bit more down to Earth- the “computer simulation argument from Nick Bostrom:-

1) the human species is very likely to go extinct before reaching a “posthuman” stage;

(2) any posthuman civilization is extremely unlikely to run a significant number of simulations of their evolutionary history (or variations thereof);

If (1) and (2) probably false, proves

(3) we are almost certainly living in a computer simulation.

Even the stories behind Star Wars may contain some truth, albeit a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Or perhaps ours. There is rumour that George Lucas derived many of the ideas from Freemasonry, and that Yoda is a real character.

It was interesting to me In the current “Force Awakens” that Han Solo looked towards the camera to say “It’s true, all of it.” even if talking to Rey and Finn in the film itself.

In modern times, like with so many things, many blame Aleister Crowley for causing trouble by tearing space and time fabric with the Amalantrah Working. Naughty.

He sketched an entity called Lam that looks rather like the infamous Greys that were only apparently seen by others decades later.


Although Crowley sealed the hole, Jack Parsons, NASA pioneer and L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology allegedly opened it big time by the Babalon Working, attempting to create a Moonchild and raise the Antichrist. Crowley was not happy. Bit dohble standards maybe.

Almost immediately Roswell occurred in 1947 where either a UFO or weather balloon crashed with either Greys or little Oriental people on it, depending what you believe.

The Nazis already had Foo Fighters so it could be a man made thing- is it all being studied in Area 51?

Successive presidential candidates promise they will give full disclosure then forget once in office. Politicians, huh?

No wonder Mulder gets stressed on the X-Files.

Some people have seen Greys in an odd state called sleep paralysis, where the mind is still awake but in a paralysed body.

Another common sight is a terrifying “old hag”. It may be possible to turn this scary state into an astral projection if you can relax a little and wait to feel the vibrations, perhaps use the rope technique, to break free altogether just wiggle a toe. I have been told.

Hypnagogic and hypnopompic hallucinations may be a factor. Google ’em.

People have suffered this phenomena for centuries, it may explain not only some alien abduction experiences at least, but also some liminal  experiences with fairies and pixies in older times, perhaps interdimensional predecessors of aliens, in cultural context.

My surname ultimately goes back to a derivative of Pict/pixie, yes, I am an alien. This should come as no surprise to people who know me.

Whitely Strieber took some flak for mentioning rectal probes, but wrote a famous book on his experiences called Communion, where the aliens did not seem terribly nice.

Once in a previous house something compelled me to start filming out of the bedroom window, the Hi8 camcorder was serendipitously on the windowsill. But what off Earth did I film?


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