Scandipop Top 10

Scandipop- what can the chilly nations of Norway, Sweden and Denmark bring to music’s table? Finland- you already fail! One song by The Rasmus and that Eurovision metal one don’t cut it. Although speaking of Eurovision…

1. Abba – The Day Before You Came

Loving Agnetha’s flirting here. Still a Marmite group, but unlike of that evil stuff, which I have only tasted whilst intoxicated and thus can’t remember, I am a fan of these four.

2. A-ha – Take On Me

Creators of much catchy pop confection, sublime combination here of grammar defying chorus and epic video.

3. A1 – Make It Good

So many rugs. A boyband with some surprisingly good songs.

4. Lene Marlin – Sitting Down Here

Thinking back, some of her frothy songs may have a had a dark sort of message. Eek. She could be watching even now… maybe The Rasmus are there too, in the shadows. Crowded.

5. Alphabeat – Fascination

Now these two seem a wholesome pair. Although some young dudes in high boots die.

6. Annie – Chewing Gum

Sounds very naughty lyrically. How can she use us innocent men so?

7. Robyn – Dancing On My Own

Aw, poor Robyn. At least she is not hiding like Lene.

8. Roxette – Get Dressed For Success

If I could bear to listen to any song or indeed anything as I dress in the morning, at least until that crucial third coffee, it would be this.

9. Meja with Ricky Martin – Private Emotion

I think by the end of the video the hotel room is tidy again somehow, otherwise I had noted numerous flagrant breaches of health and safety.

10. Zara Larsson – Lush Life

And zooming right up to date, and apparently nothing to do with the handmade soap empire.


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