Harry Potter

The Making Of Harry Potter- Warner Bros Studio Tour review. Well, sorta.

The M25 was clear en route, meaning arriving 3 hours early. But plenty of time to visit café, Starbucks and the huge shop for the first time, and then allowed into an earlier slot. Nice.

There were vast amounts of authentic items from the movies and fun gimmicks, like green screen filming with props and on the Hogwarts Express, all the shops and parts of Hogwarts, learning how to fight with wands and endless wacky photo ops.

Halfway through the Butterbeer is available, it tastes like biscuits, I drank daughter’s as well as she feared the froth (despite being unfazed by Voldemort and endless earlier horrors) and it had the following sequence of intoxicating effects:-

I guess the ingredients remain a mystery.

The exit naturally leads through the shop again, I have now been declared legally bankrupt, but quality items.

You’ve got to though, haven’t you?

Recommended to any parents wishing to bribe their children.

Warner Bros humour…


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