Tarot Mysteries

I am an open-minded sceptic in most things, but feel despite the parades and charades of some conning charlatans in this field there is something in those little cards.

You probably remember the funny Father Ted clip with the three Death cards (Channel 4 have blocked the YouTube one- boo!

The actor did die, sadly and surprisingly early, not too long afterwards…

Perhaps you have been for a reading where the cards were used. It is common to draw three cards and look at past, present and future, although there are many ways to do this.

You could draw three cards and interpret the one that seems most meaningful at the time.

But which deck?

A spiritual adept is encouraged to paint their own, I am drawn to Arthur Edward Waite’s Rider-Waite Tarot deck and its Magician card (although The Fool is more appropriate for me), the former of which I have a picture of on my very manly charm bracelet:-

Aleister Crowley, “the Most Wicked Man in the World” according to the Daily Mail (that figures, considering),

but a fascinating figure I shall blog about elsewhere, would have favoured the Book of Thoth, aka Hermes or Mercury, an Egyptian God believed to have been a great teacher of Mankind.

The deck of playing cards we use now has its origins intertwined in those of the Tarot, clubs and spades being murder implements so somewhat sinister. Did you know that at one time, the king of hearts represented Charlemagne, the king of diamonds was Julius Caesar, the king of clubs was Alexander the Great and the king of spades was King David from the Bible?

There is some debate as to where the Tarot originated. A Romantic notion, which may be correct, who knows, is that the name Tarot relates to Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, supposed to be encoded with numerous matrices of sacred meaning and Kabbalah magic, that Psalm 119 holds codes to all 22 Grand Trumps, and each of those corresponds to a Hebrew letter to be found embedded in the picture. All human experience is stored within the 22 pictures, hence their use in skilled hands for divination, the E-gyp-tian origin became the word gypsy, hence the Tarot deck often being called the gypsy Bible.

When a spiral shaped “light descended into matter” DNA/Caduceus/Rod of Hermes-like Rainbow Serpent, is slowly revolved, 22 different shaped shadows are cast.

Were the 22 separate letters of the Hebrew alphabet in which the Torah of the Bible was written composed of a series of 22 cosmic glyphs that emanated with ‘splendour and power in the form of a serpent’ from a vertical spiral of light in the Benben on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt?

That Benben stone is no longer there, perhaps stolen, but just maybe it is the Secret inside the Kaaba at Mecca.

A Tarot pack alone is sufficient for a great deal of ceremonial magic or chaos magick.

And what of astral projection and lucid dreams? To meditate upon a card whilst slipping into a hypnagogic state or sleep and imagining oneself within can lead to an astral projection into that plane or dream within.

This could be used as pathworking as part of Kabbalah for the advanced, otherwise perhaps start with The Fool card or zero first!



4 thoughts on “Tarot Mysteries

  1. Hi.
    About meditating on the Tarot, when you say to imagine yourself within, do you mean to imagine yourself within the particular Atu that you are meditating on?

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    1. I would, I have also read some imagine the card as a rectangular living scene and they are standing on it and outside of it as if it is a carpet, but I don’t know how it would work. Visualising Tarot card contents and Hebrew letters can put me into altered states sometimes, not always necessarily projection.

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  2. I love my Arthurian deck (I was on holiday in Cornwall and fell in love with it on sight when I saw it in the gift shop at Tintagel: it just felt right). My sister, who has even smaller hands than I do, favours the Crowley deck for ease of use – although it makes me feel desperately uncomfortable and I refuse to touch it. I did once meditate on one of the cards (I think it was Sleeping Giant) and felt myself becoming a part of the scene.

    Death is actually one of the luckiest cards in the deck: it signals the end of something and the beginning of something new. Unless it’s inverted, in which case I can’t remember what it’s saying.

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