Can Alcohol Help Me Lose Weight On A Fasting Diet?!

Well maybe. Or at least you can have lots of fun drinking and damage limit its effects!

If you are low carbing, red or white wine (3-4g of carbs per glass), Champagne and Prosecco (only 1.5g of carbs a glass) are the best.


Likewise for intermittent fasting, 5:2 or of course 3:4 Dinner Only Diet, the dry wines are a mere 125 kCal in a generous glass, 570 kCal odd in a whole bottle and champers and Prosec just 98kCal in a glass.

Red wine also increases insulin sensitivity and could help weight control that way. And plenty of resveratrol and other antioxidants.

Tim Ferriss of 4 Hour Body and mad genius scientist fame drinks a couple of glasses of red every night on that diet plus whatever on the cheat day.

Drinking wine the night before a weigh in might also help- from dehydration. That one just for weigh in emergencies.

Beer- many say not so good, especially for guys, oestrogenic effects could mean beer belly and moobs!

Of course the nanny state will remind us drinking too much is bad, kids. Not sure if the professor on FB stating a bottle of wine a day is fine is correct, but like his style.

And while your body burns the alcohol calories off it can’t burn fat at the same time. But I am sure you can find a happy balance, right?


One thought on “Can Alcohol Help Me Lose Weight On A Fasting Diet?!

  1. Given that Greeks and Italians are amongst the healthiest nationalities alive, there surely has to be something in it? Both are copious red wine consumers, after all. So, if your liver isn’t compromised, I don’t see why moderation would hurt – although personally I’d at least have a chicken salad (without any caeser dressing or anything similar) to go with it. Even I’m allowed the occasional glass of wine, and I think you know your stuff 🙂

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