O Canada!

It is time for a tribute to my country, before the wall is built to keep Donald Trump out and we are forgotten about.

Yes, I live in darkest Essex now, via Scotland and Wales, after being spirited out as a child for reasons still unclear, but Canada seems cooler at least colder than Essex, although arriving at school with a weird Canadian accent meant having to rapidly man up.

I was born in Montreal in the French bit Quebec, moved to Toronto (where my main memory is Chinese people gambling, later realising this was not a Chinese thing, but a “my dad” thing), then back to Montreal. In 1976 I saw the Olympics, but also Bucky Fuller’s biosphère burn…

What else- yeah, yeah, maple syrup, Mounties, bears and lumberjacks…

But also some of my favourite actors and comedians:-

Jim Carrey

Amy Jo Johnson (great name), Dan Aykroyd (who has a real interest in the paranormal), time travel movie linked trio Michael J.Fox, Rachel McAdams and

Keanu Reeves

Mike Myers

Leslie Nielsen

William Shatner, Ryan Gosling, Donald and Kiefer Sutherland, Hayden Christensen,

Ryan Reynolds

I did fall asleep watching Deadpool but had drunk a bottle of Prosecco as part of my low carb diet of that time.

Pamela Anderson

Then there is the music. Admittedly there are the likes of Michael Bublé, Shania Twain, Avril Lasagne and of course Celine Dion (although even she had her moments):-

and Bryan Adams, whose horrific song was number one for so long in the 1980s in the UK (still a record) that the joke of Terry Waite being released from kidnap after years and saying “Is that bloody Bryan Adams song still number one?” could still be used throughout my summer holiday job in Sainsburys, now there are the recent UK chart dominating:-

Justin Bieber

Shawn Mendes and


but with more credibility, perhaps, Leonard Cohen, Nelly Furtado, k.d. Lang, Joni Mitchell

Rufus Wainwright

The Weeknd, Carly Rae Jepsen, alexisonfire (oops),

Arcade Fire

Barenaked Ladies

Crash Test Dummies

by popular demand, Neil Young

not forgetting pun king Stewart Francis

and finally, the coolest president, Justin Trudeau.

So what do you think aboot all that, eh?


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