Arcane full blog posts to come, this one is a mishmash of topics…

Lucid dreaming- this morning was a cracker, had gone to bed early, up for about half an hour, the luxury of going back to bed on Sunday morning, once again did a bit of “The Rope” astral projection practice but then went into awesome lucid dream mode, with total control and insight, managed to stay in it for a long time with the higher centres of the brain and reasoning all in place, still couldn’t avoid waking ultimately, after agonising seconds in a liminal state, but just couldn’t keep it going. Shame I can’t sleep in every day…

Write Said Fred/Astral Projects- the latest meeting was this Saturday, the exercise was to write a piece including a description of violence, and for the writings to be shuffled and read out by other members, with the gender of the writer of each to then be guessed by the others.
Mine was a chapter to explain how Rob the protagonist’s girlfriend had met her demise, as alluded to in the Walk In The Woods chapter elsewhere on this site, I put in a few bits about jealousy and relationships for spice, and the concept of the Law of Attraction via Abraham Hicks, in this case in a bad way, in that bad experiences can generate bad feelings that can then attract further bad experiences in a downward spiral, have you ever noticed that? It is hard to break out of the spiral, but important to. I think it would have been quite easy to guess I had written that one!

Write Said Fred is on the radio this Tuesday evening, and sister Meetup group Chelmsford Arts Collective, I’m not sure if the show can be downloaded after as an MP3, I think maybe on Mixcloud, or exactly what they are going to ask, but will link to it here if not too disastrous! Or perhaps even if it is…

Stop Press- it was goood. Write Said Fred come in about half way through. but the first half includes Alan with some RPG folk, and he is in WSF too!



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