Power Poses

Amy J Cuddy on TED Talks shared this bizarre yet compelling concept.

Admittedly I had been naughty on a series of work away days, playing on my phone, giving back sass, but out of the blue on one we were shown this as a YouTube style video and I liked it.

This Harvard lady explained that a few minutes of Power Posing each day, and especially before an interview or meeting and your testosterone would go up (=sexy confidence) and cortisol (=wussy stress) down.

All sciencey proven. Yeah, some killjoy appeared along to debunk it (haters gonna hate, get a life) but Amy J (good name) wrote out to rebunk it again, homies.

Soooo, in private, why not put on Katy Perry “Roar” and flex some Wonder Woman and Superman poses. In the office, lounge around and take up a lot of space. It is all good. I cannot tell the whole original testosterone manifestation story here, to protect the innocent, but just trust me for now.


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