Sensational. What Kind of Thinker Are You?

NLP, or neurolinguistic programming has a bunch of insights and cool tricks for understanding yourself and relating to others.

Much of it originated from a complex genius guy called Richard Bandler.

Here we are talking about representational systems aka sensory modalities.

From the type of phrases you use it may be you have a style of thinking related to one of the senses, what is even more fun is listening to other people talk and working out which one they are. If you copy their style maybe they will like you more! Or notice what you are doing and bust your ass!

Visual thinker phrases:
“I see what you mean”
“It looks like…”
“Picture this”

Sound thinker phrases:
“That doesn’t sound right”
“That’s music to my ears”
“I hear you loud and clear”

Kinesthetic/touchy feely thinker phrases:
“We should keep in touch”
“Hold on a second”
“I can’t put my finger on it”

Olfactory and gustatory (smell and taste) thinker phrases:
“Such a sweet person”
“Something smells fishy”
“That’s not my cup of tea”

This reminds me of secondary school, where my pal Gavin and I would write down the Chemistry teacher’s catchphrases and bet on which he would say the most.

Listening to lectures and speeches will never be the same again…


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