Accidental Formula for Lucid Dreaming

Not comparing myself to pioneers like Alexander Fleming, but funny how many things are discovered by accident.

I haven’t been thinking about lucid dreaming too much since the last blog post, last night I went to bed pretty early 9.30-10pm maybe and not unusually woke at 3am, a magical time for me, puts me in mind of 3am Eternal, a number one for synchronicity attracting group the KLF.

I had earlier been burning first a violet candle aligned to the sahasrara crown chakra, then some Celestial incense from Sai Baba’s people, may or may not have been a factor.

My punk son was still up at that time, and challenged me to some WWE13 or whatever PlayStation wrestling, not the most fun thing at the best of times, but with a twinge of conscience, I went with it, and promptly opened a six-pack of whoopass on him. My conscience does not stretch so far as letting him win.

Thinking back, playing computer or console games, especially first person is known to trigger lucid dreaming. This game wasn’t quite that, but same ballpark.

I went back to bed maybe with a bit of astral Rope practice, not thinking about dreaming at all, but unwittingly having created the best conditions.

I then had the best controllable and vivid lucid dreams of my sleeping life, with full consciousness during them and clear memory afterwards.

Just goes to show what you can do when you don’t try.


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