The Hero With A Thousand Faces Poem

Yes, another Write Said Fred homework, another excerpt from the genre bending Astral Projects…

The Hero With A Thousand Faces

Hollywood’s screenwriters must always stick
To the Monomyth
Of The Hero
With a thousand faces 

Older than Stonehenge, than the earliest cave painting,
ancient friends and foes
The Pattern behind every story told
Endless repetition
Transmission of tradition 

Jung’s archetypes, shadowy dream forms drifting through
Maps of the psyche
Characters of collective unconscious
Bend the Story to Your purpose
As the hero does have
A thousand faces 

The ordinary world
Boring, calm, mundane
The fish in water
Swims along
Familiar terrain 

Then comes the call to adventure
Something has gone quite defective
Or a fresh case here for the detective
There’s a new girl in the bar
With the hero to spar
Its cool for them to act all selective 

He refuses the call?
How does he have the gall!
True, the unknown is scary
But it’s now necessary
To face it full on
Things are going to get hairy
Time to be legendary 

A meeting with the mentor
The wise old person
A Dumbledore or Merlin
Their advice is always sterling
A magic weapon whirling
Some way down the road they’ll come
Then give a swift kick up the bum 

Cross the Threshold
Enter the special world
Dorothy’s down the Yellow Brick Road
The spaceship blasts off
The start of romances
Now there’s no turning back
Heading straight outta Kansas 

Training and tests
Forge alliances, make foes
Cantinas and saloons
Can be settings for those
Into the inmost cave with optional dragon
Dangerous and deep where the quest object hides
Chapel Perilous tends to be where the Holy Grail resides.  

Or perhaps into Hell for a princess’s tears
Labyrinth, Death Star or dream worlds to overcome fears
The hero then endures the supreme ordeal. 

Hitting rock bottom facing death on the brink
A black moment of waiting, our hearts start to sink
The hero is dead, its all over
We think 

Till the thrill of survival
Born again. He’s alive!
We’re revived along with him
On that rollercoaster ride
Rites of initiation and passage
Through death out the other side
When you think you’re going to die
You’re never more alive 

Seizing sword, reward, elixir
The treasure possessed
Reconciled nemesis, father, woman
Impressed by The Quest 

The road back
Not out of the woods yet
A chase
Vengeful forces pursue
The escape from that place 

Till out from the special world ejected
Resurrected once more
From virtual death to a new being

Now back to bring benefit to the ordinary world
With elixir, treasures and knowledge the hero has earned
Or repeat the adventure till the lessons are learned 

Which applies to us too
On the hero’s journey for real
Must we complete the process
To escape from the wheel?
Do our lives have screenwriters
And their own movie reel…


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