Subliminal Suggestions – Updated

What gossip have you heard whispered about subliminal suggestion? Most people have heard of hypnosis and NLP, but subliminal suggestions are ones that they cannot see or hear.

The cinema experiment of many years ago where “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca Cola” flashed into the screen for a frame and increased sales may be an urban legend, but similar attempted programming has often been made illegal.

Disney movies are often believed to have subliminal images in them, it is hard to tell what might be coincidence, a prank or more sinister.

Jon Ronson in “The Men Who Stare At Goats” describes experiments believed to be carried out by agencies such as the US Army with psychotronic and silent weapons. Much psychological warfare is rumoured to have gone on in the Cold War, Operation Desert Storm and at Guantanamo Bay, a patent is registered for Silent Sound Spread Spectrum by Oliver Lowery. This puts human voices into a barely audible frequency in a band above 14500 Hz. Perhaps this is the sort of thing done to some people who hear voices. Or even the general public. If you have Cool Edit Pro or Adobe Audition you can create this phenomenon yourself and perhaps rule the world or give yourself superpowers. You can find the script needed for those programs to create the effect here, at least for now:-

How about an App that shows you suggestions from a selection of self-improvement areas whilst you play games on your phone?

Professor McMurphy Subliminal Message Games with Binaural Isochronic Sounds for Hypnosis & Self-Hypnosis by RICHENCO PTE. LTD.

Or put some images and messages into videos yourself:-

Subliminal Video – add hidden images and messages in your videos by Francis Bonnin

You could even go old school, make a flip pad of something like a stick man moving about, and put a very simple subliminal message on a few pages here and there, then flick through it quickly a few times a day.

But shh! It’s a secret…


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