Astral Projection

Astral Projection, or out of body experience, is something I and many others have experienced, the Bible, (whatever you think of that book) quite possibly alludes to it when mentioning the silver cord that binds the astral body to the physical in Ecclesiastes 12:6 and in Paul discussing his visions, Plato explored these ideas also and they are found in many ancient traditions.There are numerous similarities with the near death experience many describe when they clinically “die” and are resuscitated, that they see their own body and people around them, are drawn towards a tunnel with light at the end with familiar figures and may experience a life review.

Some may experience the phenomenon with drugs such as magic mushrooms, LSD or ketamine. I couldn’t possibly comment!

In modern times Robert Monroe through the Monroe Institute developed Hemisync technology, often involving tones such as binaural beats to synchronise brain hemispheres to certain frequencies to stimulate astral projection, e.g. The Gateway Experience series. Focus 27, or The Library, is a high point, the url of this blog is a tribute to it!

There are a plethora of books, websites and techniques, one of the most popular is The Rope, usually attributed to Robert Bruce (there are an unusual number of Roberts in this field, hence the hero of Astral Projects is a Rob.)

Robert Bruce teaches preparatory relaxation, energy and chakra exercises, which are excellent in their own right, but ultimately when the vibrational state is reached one has to imagine awareness of a rope descending down towards them. One should imagine the vivid feeling of the rope in their hand, and then as intensely as possible the feeling of pulling themselves up out of the body by the rope, hand over hand, in a continuous process until they are “out”. Which is a whole other story.

Robert Bruce also describes an effective YOYO technique, and something called Astral Phasing which is very similar to the Memory Palace technique for memorising lists I will discuss in my next post.

Happy travelling…


One thought on “Astral Projection

  1. Your theories are partially correct; however, don’t single out the silver cord; light have many colors. When presume, the silver light spirit, you get the silver light projection. Study Chakra for Ladies and Mantra for men and the attributes of them. This will take you full body to you destination.


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