Write Said Fred / The Novel – Astral Projects

This is a book I have written over 1-2 years whilst attending writers’ Meet up groups in Chelmsford, starting with one called Writers’ Block Unblocked, which morphed into Write Said Fred.

We meet now in Saracens Head Hotel in the High Street every other Saturday morning, with a homework theme each time, people will read out their piece to the others for comments.There are a wide variety of personalities and levels of experience in being published, beverages non-alcoholic and alcoholic flow and friendships have been forged.

Astral Projects is partly based on true experiences with a large dash of artistic licence, the protagonist is a roguish self-proclaimed “community pharmacist” who discovers astral projection with the help of a mentor he meets in the local Tesco, they proceed to have adventures in the astral and fight various foes, a lot is learnt about women and relationships, probably not enough, it is horribly politically incorrect, heretical, “meta”, subversive and fourth wall breaking.

Each chapter is rigidly based on the homework title given fairly randomly by members. Some are poetry. The end result is… you can judge for yourself soon, it is now complete with this week’s homework, it just needs rather a lot of editing…


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