Lucid Dreaming

It is quite easily possible to control your dreams. I have, as an experimenting Oneironaut, not for anything naughty of course. Why, the possibility only occurred to me whilst typing there.

Perhaps you have experienced this spontaneously already and known or not known what was happening.

There are techniques to provoke the phenomenon, natural, psychological and with stimulant herbs and drugs.

Many people keep a dream diary to help them focus on dreams. Or give themselves reality checks throughout the day in various ways as to whether they are dreaming or awake, to increase the possibility of this tendency at night.

Some find a mantra useful.

WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) has a few variations, and is effective. If you have slept in and pressed the snooze button a lot you may have found dreams more vivid and memorable in the morning, or even gone lucid.

With this successful technique, wake with an alarm at 3am (consider popping an alpha-GPC aka alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) and stay awake for an hour, keeping your mind active, ideally thinking about lucid dreaming, recent dreams or reading books or blogs about it. You will be much more likely to have lucid dreams when you go back to sleep. 

I also have an old-school Novadreamer REM detecting lucid dream mask bought from eBay from a character in the USA 11 years ago…

Sweet dreams!


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