Bad Boys – New Book Released

Bad Boys: Whatever Happened to the Unlikely Lads? What happens to the dream characters you were interacting with when you wake up? Do they all start looking around for you in a perplexed state? The Astral Projects crew met a bunch of scoundrels along the way, but that was where their stories ended. Until now. […]

Why Vegan and not just Vegetarian?

From the book “Fat Gay Vegan” by Sean O’ Callaghan:- Dairy “If you drink milk from cows because you believe a harmless and benign industry is behind the product, you have to be made aware of a few truths. As we’ve discussed, cows don’t magically produce milk like some sort of nonstop beverage fountains, as […]

Dr. Picton’s Diet Dictionary – Vegan Remix

New today! Verily, verily, in the beginning I lost nine and a half stone on a Slow Carb Diet modelled on that of Tim Ferriss in his book “The 4-Hour Body”. My book, Slow Carb 2, tweaking that diet, with extras including testosterone boosting and vegan options is worth a look. But the weight loss […]

Astral Projects Audiobook

In response to almost non-existent popular demand! iTunes:- A loveable rogue with an eye for the ladies is launched into a world of out of body experiences under the watchful eye of a tetchy dwarf with help from an agoraphobic neighbour and a rapper and facing foes including […]