Wham! Bam! Enneagram

Its precise origins are unknown , the geometric symbol itself brought back into the light by the mystic Gurdjieff via the esoteric Sarmoung Brotherhood. Gurdjieff is worthy of a blog post of his own, suffice to say many are still obsessed with the long since departed Armenian and his teachings, as he tried to rouse […]

Slimming World for Junk Food Junkies

One diet that I had always dismissed without any exploration, despite patients, colleagues and seemingly everyone losing a bunch of weight on it. Because I assumed it was just for girls! Attending a group, and reading the books and App contents I have learnt the inner secrets, which no doubt must not be fully revealed […]

Astral Projects 4 : Fourplay

The fourth volume of Astral Projects stories, darkly comic scifi with Rob, Eric the dwarf, Brad the love robot, Puffy Imp and more. Coffee, sirens, prostitutes, gut bacteria, Robin Hood, healing broken hearts, Jung and Freud, Narcissus, God’s ex-wife, and Simulation Theory come together in a fresh delicious slice of virtual insanity. UK:- http://amzn.eu/gLpa8AM US:- […]

Blood Sugar Sex Magik

Of course it is high time for another diet. I couldn’t seriously only eat during daylight, not with my job where they keep annoyingly getting me to do stuff, sorry Dr Panda, a week on slow carb then only gently nudged the scales downward, and involved too many nuts, then I saw the headline of […]