Et in Circadia ego

For the amount of fast-ing I’ve been doing, the weight loss has certainly been slooow… Now I have to wonder if I have been doing it all wrong. From the Dinner Only Diet to the DIY Diet, to the recent black coffee fasting. The latter I even upgraded to water fasting after seeing this video:- […]

Life in the Fast Lane

So… my lofty aspirations in the last “Recovery” blog post have predictably fallen by the wayside, with all my other hopes and dreams, as the Russell Brand book message faded from my butterfly brain. Is anything left in the wreckage? The App Strides remains on my phone, now an iPhone X. One streak is weighing […]

Kindle Kundalini

New book! Kindle Kundalini : Writing Kindle Books and Recording Audiobooks and Podcasts for Fun and Profit Okay, so the Picton publishing empire is more than a little tongue-in-cheek, like most of its books and podcasts, but with the information in this book, some creativity, graft and good fortune, this time next year you could […]

Astral Projects 3

Oh well, a post to plug “Song To The Siren”, maybe some of my other books from the last week should get some airtime too. The Astral Projects books are of respectable length and some are in paperback, they mix paranormal science and experiences I have had with a comedic set of bantering characters and […]